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Performers from all over the country and Japan come to the Sakura Matsuri to bring over 30 hours of live musical and dance performances on four stages: ANA‘s Capitol Stage, the Sakura Stage, and our J-POP Stage.

In addition, over 200 martial artists will be demonstrating their skills all day on the Martial Arts Stage.



Star Alliance

“I brought a taiko drum from Japan for the traditional music performances!" – Sakura-chan
2019 Performers from Japan
Kiwi & The PapayaMangoes
This is Tact Hirose's artistic project creating "Tokyo Down Town Rare groove"! Kiwi & The PapayaMangoes a.k.a. "KPM" is a Tokyo-based collective of traditional and experimental musicians that formed in 2009. The group combines the musical style of Japanese traditional/modern dance-pop music and some immigrant's music (Brazillian forró, Indian traditional, African etc.) with elements of reggae&dub. folk, funk, and rock.
Samurai Sword Soul
Samurai Sword Soul is the only theater company in New York which employs TATE (Japanese sword stage fighting) in their demonstrations and samurai dramas. SSS’s mission is to spread the Bushi-Do, The Way of the Samurai, and to introduce TATE to people who are not familiar with it. SSS believes their samurai spirits reach the audiences of all ethnicities, ages, and genders. They regard the Samurai Virtues: Rectitude (義 gi), Courage (勇yū), Benevolence (仁 jin), Respect (礼 rei), Honesty (誠 makoto), Honor (名誉 meiyo), and Loyalty (忠義 chūgi) as the code of conduct that is still relevant in our time.
Tamagawa University Dance and Taiko Group
It is our annual honor to welcome Tamagawa University Dance and Taiko Group to the Sakura Matsuri. Their thundering taiko drumming merged with traditional Japanese dancing is a perennial favorite! Enjoy the new performances of drummers and dancers from Tamagawa University, one of the top-ranking taiko groups in Japan who are students at Japan's top performing arts university.
D.A.K "Awa Odori Dancers"
Awa Odori (阿波おどり) is one of the most famous traditional dance in Japan, which originated in Tokushima Prefecture. The group combines modern music and dance into its traditional elements as its own style. It has had a concert in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and in the US at 2018 Sakura Matsuri.
Other Performances
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