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Eat Drink SponsorshipsFood! It’s one of the best things about Sakura Matsuri. Our visitors find it hard to resist the smell and taste of the many kinds of food that Sakura Matsuri offers.

We will have several Kirin Ichiban beer serving areas, where you can enjoy Japan’s best draft beer on tap and either relax in our garden area with your friends and family, or walk around the Matsuri. We will also have the Hakutsuru Sake Tasting Pavilion where you can sample and learn about 6 different sakes and a plum wine.

Kirin, which traces its roots to 1870, is Japan’s best-selling beer and has been a favorite of Sakura Matsuri visitors since it became the official beer in 2007.*

Hakutsuru Sake, one of Japan’s most famous sake brewers (founded in 1743), is again sponsoring the Sakura Matsuri’s Sake Tasting Pavilion. Come in and learn all about Japanese sake as you sample six different varieties of sake from Nada, the “Napa Valley” of Japanese Sake.*

For snacks and drinks on the go, we have two Matsuri Markets where you can grab either a US or Japanese bottle of soda, or water and browse our wide selection of Japanese snacks.

The Sakura Matsuri is also excited to present the Culinary Arts Pavilion, which will have cooking demonstrations, food seminars and sake pairing discussions taking place throughout the day! Read more about this exciting addition to the Festival!

We have over 25 restaurants and food vendors in our Taste of Japan area and many of them are Japanese food vendors. Keep reading to see that there is something for every taste! The restaurants and their varied menus are listed below – detailed menu information and locations will also be available at each of our Information tents.

* Drink responsibly! A 100% ID check will be enforced.


2017 Sakura Matsuri List:

2018 list will be available after March 1

  • Hanaro Sushi
    Delicious takoyaki, shrimp shumai, pork gyoza, karaage, ika Geso Temaki, and seaweed salad.  Finish your meal with a variety of mochi ice cream.
  • Maneki Neko
    Cooking up fresh takoyaki, fried baby octopus, chicken curry and onigiri.
  • Sushi Taro
    Preparing fresh grilled octopus, grilled scallops, onigiri and yakisoba.
  • Table For Two
    Table For Two, a Japan-founded NPO, uses healthy “Washoku” (Japanese cuisine) to fight hunger and obesity. Learn how Japanese culture is used for the global good!
  • Tako Grill
    Japanese festival favorites takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and ikayaki
  • Tokyo Grill by IMM THAI
    Presenting yakisoba, California Roll, chicken teriyaki, chahan (fried Rice), spring roll, and cucumber roll.
  • Yosaku Restaurant
    Presenting taiyaki, sukeroku – sushi (vegi-maki sushi, inari), chicken curry, and gyu-don with green tea, bubble tea, and water for beverages.
  • Food Fest
    Grilling Fresh Chicken on stick; fried rice, fried egg noodles, Pad Thai, egg rolls, Thai sausage, We have fresh lemonade, Thai iced tea/coffee, fresh fruit smoothies to quench your thirst and desserts such as fresh fruit and sweet sticky rice with Mango.
  • Pangaon
    We are happy to introduce a wide range of Filipino dishes to the festival.
  • Moom Maam/Greedie Chicken
    Tempting you with chicken on a stick, lo-mein, Pad Thai, fried rice, vegetable egg roll, and corn dogs. come quench your thirst with lemonade, Thai Tea, soft drinks and bottled water.
  • Kruba DC Thai and Sushi Bar
    Serving up fresh chicken teriyaki, vegetable fried rice, vegetable spring roll, steam bun, vegetable yakisoba and vegetable lo mein. We will have soda and water to drink.
  • Oriental-Grilled/Vietnamese Cuisine
    Offering a wide variety of delicious Asian dishes including pho, garlic chicken skewers, chicken with vermicelli (bun this nuong), chicken fried rice, with fresh squeezed lemonade to drink.
  • Swasdi Grill
    Offering delicious pad Thai, drunken noodles, chicken teriyaki, vegetable lo-mein, fried rice, pad Thai, and egg rolls. We will have soda, bottled water, fresh squeezed lemonade and Thai iced tea.
  • T.K. Grill
    Hot and fresh chicken teriyaki, fried rice and noodles, and egg rolls.
  • The Chicken Smells Good
    Cooking up chicken kabob, bourbon chicken and vegetable pad thai, pasta, rice, and rolls. For dessert we offer warm, sweet funnel cakes. We have lemonade, soda, and water.
  • Yoshi
    Serving chicken teriyaki over rice, vegetable tempura, fried rice, fried lo-mein noodles, spring rolls, pad Thai, steamed pork buns, and marinated chicken satay. Also offering fresh squeezed lemonade and soft drinks.
  • Yummy Food Corner & Grill
    Cooking up chicken yakitori, yakisoba, fried rice, veggie spring rolls, pad Thai, and corn dogs. We also offer fruit smoothies, lemonade, Thai tea and for a tasty dessert – snow cones!
Western Style Food
  • Nader’s Food Services
    Bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to the festival. Serving up gyros, grilled chicken Greek salads, falafel with pita bread, and Mediterranean sausages. Also serving American favorites such as Philly cheesesteaks, hot dogs and corn dogs, and butterfly chips. For dessert, we have funnel cake and Mediterranean pastries, and to drink, we have freshly squeezed lemonade and soft drinks.
Simply Sweet!
  • Beard Papa’s
    Presenting delicious cream puffs, coffee, cheesecakes and assorted pies.
  • Beard Papa’s Georgetown
    Presenting Japanese style cream puffs (shu cream).
  • Dolci Gelati
    Serving delicious gelato with a Japanese flair: Asian pear, cherry blossom, green tea, mandarin and Thai coconut. Also serving lemongrass sorbetto.
  • Matsukawaya
    Wagashi (Japanese sweets) company from Japan will have a tent to demonstrate the making of their sweets and you can purchase a selection and enjoy them in their tea area.
  • Nut n Better
    Tempting your sweet tooth by serving fresh cinnamon roasted almonds, pecans, and various other roasted nuts.