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The vendors in our Ginza Marketplace section of the festival offer a wide and stunning variety of Japanese home goods, accessories, and artwork, either directly from Japan or inspired by the gift of the cherry blossoms.

Ginza Marketplace

2017 Sakura Maturi List:

2018 List will be available after March 1, 2018

  • Arise Bazaar
    Don’t miss one of the Sakura Matsuri’s long-time vendors, with the largest selection of Japanese Kimono, antiques, and gifts. Full Kimono outfits and dressing are included at the festival.
  • Ashinaga History & Tea Tasting
    Discover the roots of Ashinaga, it’s purpose in the world and influence on Japanese culture and society. Enjoy a selection of teas from five different prefectures while you learn!
  • Greentea Design
    Discover authentic Japanese merchandise from brush paint wall scrolls, beautiful wall and hand-held fans, and parasols to a wide variety of cosplay costumes and jewelry.
  • Japan Wave
    Browse a genuine collection of Japanese traditional Kokeshi Dolls; popular Japanese costumes; and kawaii stationary, toys, and accessories.
  • Japan-America Student Conference
    Come play traditional Japanese festival games, “wanage" ring toss, “yo-yo" water balloon fishing, superball fishing, and more to win Japanese snacks! Come learn about our US-Japan cultural and academic exchange program.
  • Japan US Military Program -J.U.M.P.
    The Japan U.S. Military Program (JUMP) connects past and present service members, families, and government civilians who have served in Japan. Through social networks and events, JUMP builds relationships and provides opportunities for service members to engage with each other. JUMP provides a powerful foundation for sustaining the solid alliance and relationship that exists between the U.S. and Japan.
  • JET Alumni Association – DC (JETAADC)
    The JET Program is a Japanese government program that sends over 1000 Americans to Japan every year. Together with the local alumni association, JETAADC, we will be showcasing Japan’s rich culture and talking about how you could travel and teach in Japan!
  • National Cherry Blossom Festival
    Come browse our two locations for a wide selection of Official National Cherry Blossom Festival merchandise.
  • Nippon Kodo
    Come shop our selection of authentic Japanese incense creating tranquility and power.
  • Ohio Kimono
    Authentic japanese kimono and full range of kimono accessories from Kyoto, Japan. From rare antiques to new yukata we offer a full range of kimono ready to wear to the festival. We also offer koi nobori, authentic replica samurai armor from Iron Mountain Armor and hakama.
  • ROYCE’ Chocolate
    Since 1983, ROYCE’ has been pleasing chocolate lovers with delightful confections from Hokkaido, Japan. The signature Nama Chocolate has a smooth and velvety texture with a hint of prestige liqueur that melts in your mouth.
  • STUDY ABROAD in JAPAN – Temple University – Japan Campus
    TUJ is the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan and is the first institution to be officially recognized as a Foreign University by Japan’s Ministry of Education. At TUJ, you can study with friends in Japan and from over 60 different countries while earning your US degree in Tokyo. We are dedicated to helping students realize their dreams in the US and abroad.
  • Table for Two
    This Japan-founded NPO, uses healthy “Washoku" (Japanese cuisine) to fight hunger and obesity. Learn how Japanece culture is used for global good!
  • Uniqlo
    Come learn about Uniqlo’s new location in here in the DC area and browse some of their amazing styles!
  • Washington Nationals Baseball
    Blossoms & Baseball, presented by Peet’s Coffee, celebrates baseball and the National Cherry Blossom Festival as the Nationals face the Cardinals on April 11 at Nationals Park.