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The vendors in our Ginza Marketplace section of the festival offer a wide and stunning variety of Japanese home goods, accessories, and artwork, either directly from Japan or inspired by the gift of the cherry blossoms.

Ginza Marketplace
  • Adorned by Aisha
    Handmade blossom and nature jewelry
  • Arise Bazaar
    Don’t miss one of the Sakura Matsuri’s long-time vendors, with the largest selection of Japanese Kimono, antiques, and gifts. Full Kimono outfits and dressing are included at the festival.
  • Chikako Designs
    Chikako Designs offers a line of unique designs that include handbags, accessories, clothing, men’s neckties and infant clothing. All of Chikako’s designs are inspired by a combination of her Asian heritage and Western upbringing.
  • Chouquette Chocolates
    Enjoy locally-made delicious, luxurious artisan chocolates and caramels with DC and cherry blossom designs.
  • Greentea Design
    Discover authentic Japanese merchandise from brush paint wall scrolls, beautiful wall and hand-held fans, and parasols to a wide variety of cosplay costumes and jewelry.
  • Japan Wave
    Browse a genuine collection of Japanese traditional Kokeshi Dolls; popular Japanese costumes; and kawaii stationary, toys, and accessories.
  • Japanese Dolls and Crafts School
    Japanese Dolls & Crafts School teaches traditional Japanese crafts and doll making, and its history in Japanese theater, unique fairy tales, animal zodiacs, etc. Come enjoy watching this process, learn how to sign up for classes and perhaps take home a doll for yourself!
  • Matsukawaya
    Japanese Traditional Sweets “Wagashi"
  • Naked Decor
    Interact and browse the wares of a local artist that hand crafts Asian and DC themed home accessories such as pillows, coasters, and tea bowls.
  • National Cherry Blossom Festival
    Come browse our two locations for a wide selection of Official National Cherry Blossom Festival merchandise.
  • Nut n Better
    Tempting your sweet tooth by serving fresh cinnamon roasted almonds, pecans, and various other roasted nuts.
  • Reiko’s Kimono Crafts
    You can find handmade treasures and gift items that are made from authentic beautiful antique/vintage silk kimono fabric. One of a kind item for you.
  • ROYCE’ Chocolate
    Since 1983, ROYCE’ has been pleasing chocolate lovers with delightful confections from Hokkaido, Japan. The signature Nama Chocolate has a smooth and velvety texture with a hint of prestige liqueur that melts in your mouth.
  • Sarah Pei’s Paintings & Pearls
    Original oriental style watercolor paintings and calligraphy; hand-made jewelry with pearls and semiprecious stones from Japan and China.
  • Tammy Robertson-Author
    An author of two children’s books in a series called Celebrate Diversity. She believes there is beauty in friendships that soar beyond our differences. Tammy’s passion is to promote acceptance and literacy.