Bring Japan Home

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Bring Japan Home

The Sakura Matsuri is designed to educate and entertain visitors about the culture and history of Japan. This gives our attendees many opportunities to bring Japan home from the Festival!


Enjoying the opportunity to sample and enjoy Japanese food is one of the most popular attractions at the Festival!  Our Culinary Arts Pavilion will return with new chefs and opportunities to learn how easy it can be to cook Japanese food at home.  There will be Japanese cooking demonstrations and discussions all day and samples will be available of the demonstrated recipes!


With thanks to NHK WORLD, we are pleased to present Chef Rika Yukimasa, star of their cooking show Dining with the Chef as one of our demonstrators! She will be demonstrating how to make gyudon, a beef rice bowl.



Join Ms. Donabe (Naoko Takei Moore), a donabe and Japanese cooking expert coming from Los Angeles, as she demonstrates how to cook with the Japanese clay pot. Find her recipes here!

Furthermore, we would like to introduce Chef Yokote from Perrys Restaurant, demonstrating how to make hako sushi! Find his recipes here!


The Sakura Matsuri’s Arts and Culture area gives attendees a chance to enjoy interactive cultural activities and learn about the cultural impact of Japan in the United States.


Join in the creative fun with Kawaii International’s art director Sebastian Masuda and his DOMO-kun, TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE project. Under collaboration with NHK Kawaii International, DOMO-kun, TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE will travel across the US and the first stop for him is our Sakura Matsuri! We encourage attendees of all ages to come to the workshop tent and create a piece to drop into the capsule. DOMO-kun is looking forward to seeing you all soon!



伝統 - Traditional

The vendors in our Ginza area offer a wide and stunning array of Japanese home goods, accessories and artwork, either directly from Japan or inspired by the gift of the cherry blossoms.

現代 - Modern

Modern Japanese culture has helped introduce a new generation to Japan! Our Japan Now area has the latest and greatest in modern Japanese fashion, anime-inspired hats and accessories and the Japan Wow! Pavilion to experience the latest in video games and hip, urban fun!

Arts & Culture

Ekoji Buddhist Temple: The Temple of the Gift of Light
Come visit Ekoji Buddhist Temple: The Temple of Light. You get the firsthand experience with how a Japanese Jodo Shinshu Temple is experienced in America.

Ishida Bonsai

Come see demonstrations of the enjoyment that bonsai can bring to your life and how to properly care for your bonsai.

Japan Railway Group
Come see high-end models of trains, browse our tourism flyers, and see a 3D video about shinkansen high speed trains and tourism in Japan.

Japanese Craft & More
Come and learn to make crafts with origami. Let us show the heart – Kokoro – of Japan and say “arigato!”

Japanese Dolls and Crafts School

Japanese Dolls & Crafts School teaches traditional Japanese crafts and doll making, and its history in Japanese theater, unique fairy tales, animal zodiacs, etc.  Come enjoy watching this process, learn how to sign up for classes and perhaps take home a doll for yourself!

NCSS 2016 Cherry Blossom Queens & Princesses

Come visit the Cherry Blossom Queen & Princesses visiting from across the United States, territories, and international embassies. Many will be at the tent for photo ops with all visitors.

Japan-America Student Conference
Come play traditional Japanese festival games, "wanage" ring toss, "yo-yo" water balloon fishing, superball fishing, and more to win Japanese snacks! Come learn about our US-Japan cultural and academic exchange program.

Japanese Americans' Care Fund/ San-J
Enjoy Japanese cooking demonstrations throughout the day and learn about how the Care Fund is caring for the community by sharing knowledge and resources. Cooking demonstrations are sponsored by San J Shoyu.

Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA) 

Japanese American Veterans will greet the public and discuss the significant role and contribution that Japanese Americans have given in the creation of America.

Japanese Christian Community Center in Washington
Come learn about kimono from an expert, have fun understanding and creating Japanese kanji calligraphy, and learn about upcoming seminars, events, classes and services at the center.

Japan Railroad Modelers of Washington DC
Come enjoy JRM's large model train layout that depicts stylized railway operations and scenes from Japan. Shinkansens, express, local and freight trains are operated in 4 separate lines on the layout.

Karuta – Japanese card game using ancient poems
Kyogi Karuta, or competitive Karuta, is a unique Japanese card game using ancient poems. It is an ultimate brain sport of memorization, concentration and speed.  Beginners can learn in  mini-competitions throughout the day and winners will be awarded!

Let's Learn Japanese!

Come and start to learn the Japanese language and practice it, along with calligraphy performances and much more. Sponsored by the JCAW Foundation.

Nishiura Style
Master Nishiura demonstrates the inspirational brush work and art to wish you happiness and prosperity, and you can join him to make your own wonderful brush work.

Japanese paper jewelry, made in NYC from wood, upcycled puzzle pieces, resin, and beautiful chiyogami and katazome papers.

Sakura Science
Sakura Science enables visitors to explore the world in detail using the latest scientific tools and methods from Japan!

Shogi & Dobutsu Shogi (Let's Catch the Lion)
Join us and learn how to play Dobutsu Shogi, a simple board game for children and adults. A drop-in mini tournament will be held.

Washington DC Area Go (Weiqi/Baduk) Clubs
Join local Go players as they teach and demonstrate the ancient strategy game Go. Go is the last bastion where computers have yet to match human experts.

Washington DC Kimono Club / Atelier Kanawa
Come and learn about kimono, its customs and tradition. Certified Kimono consultant Atelier Kanawa will  further explain the goals of the club, as well as her traditional arts and crafts.

Washington Japanese Heritage (Keisho) Center
Japanese heritage students from the Keisho Center will show young guests how to make traditional Japanese crafts and play Japanese games.

Washington Japanese Language School (WJLS)
WJLS is the oldest hoshu-ko (supplementary Japanese) school in the world.  Many of its students will be here at the festival to demonstrate traditional Japanese folk arts.

Yoshino Bien School of Calligraphy
Meet a master calligraphy artist and teacher from Japan who will perform calligraphy on large sheets of paper and conduct workshops. She will also write any requests on beautiful Japanese paper for sale.

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Adorned by Aisha
Come browse handmade resin, lace and metal jewelry with Japanese motifs - including cherry blossoms, cherry trees, bird cages, and tea sets.

Aoi Clothing
A Japanese and French fashion brand based in Paris. Come see their high-end clothing inspired by the mixture of traditional and modern, Japanese and European design.

Arise Bazaar
Enjoy browsing the widest selection of Japanese kimono, antiques, and gifts. Full kimono outfits including dressing at the festival.

Chikako Designs
Chikako Designs offers a line of unique designs that include handbags, accessories, clothing, men's neckties and infant clothing. All of Chikako's designs are inspired by a combination of her Asian heritage and Western upbringing.

Greentea Design
Offering authentic Japanese merchandise such as hand fans, large wall fans, parasols, and brush paint wall scrolls. We also sell Japanese animation cosplay items including jewelry, costumes, and wooden swords

Heavenly Cranes Jewelry
Japanese washi paper is used as beads and combined with sterling silver and gold, glass beads and other elements to create a very elegant assortment of jewelry. There will also be demonstrations of how to use washi paper in small detail work with jewelry pieces every 2 hours!

Japan Wave
Browse a wide selection of Japanese kawaii stationery, kokeshi dolls and costumes.

National Cherry Blossom Festival
Come browse our two locations for a wide selection of Official National Cherry Blossom Festival merchandise.

Olive and Daisy
Come and browse Japanese-style handmade jewelry made with Japanese beads and gemstones.

ROYCE' Chocolate
ROYCE' has been producing excellent quality chocolates for more than 30 years. By painstakingly sourcing the highest quality of ingredients, ROYCE' is famous for their signature Nama Chocolates and Potato Chip Chocolates to name a few of the delicious chocolates from Hokkaido.

Sarah Pei's Paintings & Pearls
Original oriental-style watercolor paintings and calligraphy, and handmade jewelry with pearls and semiprecious stones from Japan and China.

Shabana Origami & Kumihimo Jewelry
Come enjoy the results of using chiyogami washi paper to create whimsical jewelry including sakura pins & earrings. Enjoy watching as Shawnnee demonstrates traditional Japanese "Kumihimo" braiding to make pendants and bracelets.

Tomoe Sakura
Handmade custom 'Tenugui' and other custom-made cloth gift items featuring Japanese-style motifs, produced by Tomoe Senko, a traditional dyeing company from Iwate, Japan.

YokoDana Kimono
Authentic vintage Japanese kimonos, fabrics, kanzashi and other handmade accessories & decor items made from vintage kimono fabrics.

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Japan Now

Alicia’s Anime
Video game and anime t-shirts, Hello Kitty bags and accessories and adorable kimmi dolls.

Anime Gift
A varied selection of anime plushies and merchandise, wall scrolls, Japanese crafts, umbrellas, traditional arts and Japanese crafts.

Collector's Anime LLC
Local anime vendor specializing in Blu-Rays, DVDs, Figures, Weiss Schwarz TCG and imported merchandise from Japan.

Hamsies Cute Shop
One stop shop for overwhelmingly cute and kawaii merchandise! Come for imported stationery, plush toys, and collectibles!

HKT Inc. / Mugen Toys 

Come browse the wide selection of this direct importer of Japanese animation, toys, collectibles, and anime-related merchandise.

Holy Cow Anime 

Specializing in rare and hard to find Japanese anime: such as Sailor Moon, Trigun, Cardcaptors, Tenchi Muyo, Digimon, and more! We carry t-shirts, figures, plush, keychains, and other collectibles. Holy Cow Anime where it’s Cool to be Old School.

IT Cosplay 

This shops carries over 50 different cosplays, T-shirts, and plushies along with small anime gift items like keychains, necklaces, backpacks, and hats.

Kawaii Gifts

A wide variety of 'kawaii' or cute characters and fancy goods from Japanese brands, like Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus, Kutusita Nyanko, Mamegoma, etc.

PulsArt Studio
Stop by and browse prints of original, anime-style artwork.

A wide selection of Japanese toys, figures, video game-related merchandise, plush toys & dolls. We also carry anime trading figures & jewelry.

Studio Cosplay
Studio Cosplay is a D.C. based nonprofit whose mission is to promote community through the art of costuming by providing workspace, opportunity, and education for cosplay enthusiasts. Studio Cosplay is by cosplayers, for cosplayers.

Studio Kitsu
Hand-made plush items, hats and other accessories.

Stuffed Sushi
Do you love sushi? So much you'd like to hug it? Well you're in luck because Stuffed Sushi with their adorable hand-made stuffed sushi plush pillows are back with us at the festival!

The Sakura Matsuri is happy to announce this year the return of our Experience Japan through Education Pavilion.  Below are the diverse participants in this pavilion, ready to show you different ways to experience Japan through studying or teaching there.

Japan In Your Heart
A new organization will be sharing information and resources on how individuals/families with Japan experience (living, visiting, interest in country, etc.) can stay connected through Japan-related organizations, events, festivals, etc. in the United States. The booth will also distribute information on the growing Third Culture Kid/Cross-Cultural Kid demographic.

Japan US Military Program -J.U.M.P.
The Japan U.S. Military Program (JUMP) connects past and present service members, families, and government civilians who have served in Japan. Through social networks and events, JUMP builds relationships and provides opportunities for service members to engage with each other. JUMP provides a powerful foundation for sustaining the solid alliance and relationship that exists between the U.S. and Japan.

JET Alumni Association - DC (JETAADC)
The JET Program is the Japanese government initiative that sends American young professionals to Japan. Participants work in local communities as both English teachers and cultural ambassadors. Together with its local alumni association JETAADC, our booth demonstrates “JETPARDY”, the Japan trivia quiz. Come learn about Japan and JET Program/JETAAC and win a prize! If you are JET alumni, stop by and say hello!

STUDY ABROAD in JAPAN- International Christian University (ICU)
International Christian University (ICU) is a private university located in Tokyo, Japan. ICU was founded in 1949 and offers 32 undergraduate majors as the first liberal arts college in Japan. There are a variety of ways to study on the ICU campus. Come see our booth for more info!

STUDY ABROAD in JAPAN - Temple University - Japan Campus

TUJ is the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan and is the first institution to be officially recognized as a Foreign University by Japan's Ministry of Education. At TUJ, you can study with friends in Japan and from over 60 different countries while earning your US degree in Tokyo. We are dedicated to helping students realize their dreams in the US and abroad.

TOMODACHI Initiative
The TOMODACHI Initiative is a public-private partnership, born out of support for Japan's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, that invests in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through educational and cultural exchanges as well as leadership programs.

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